Hair Myths

Things you should and should not believe when it comes to hair.

man hair styling - Pineda Hair Transplant Clinic

“Hair grows faster on different parts of your head.”

YES! Studies show that hair tends to grow in different rates, on different areas of your head. So don’t be surprised if your perfectly trimmed hair suddenly becomes longer on one side!

“The hair texture you’re born with is for life!”

NO! Your hair texture will definitely go through many changes. Whether your hair’s fine and limp; curly, wavy or even kinky, it’s bound to change due to pregnancy, medication, chemotherapy and age.

“Pulling your hair back with a ponytail or bun will make you bald.”

YES! Hair weighed down by some hairstyles will result in hair breakage or worse, hair loss.

“Using one type of shampoo for a prolonged time will make the user immune to it.”

NO! You can continue using one type of shampoo, and still enjoy its many benefits.

“If you brush thinning hair frequently, your hair will fall out faster.”

NO! Brushing will make you lose hair faster only if you’re already suffering from a hair loss condition like Alopecia.

“Wearing a cap will make you lose more hair.”

No!  Wearing a hat/cap will not make you lose hair, most cases of hair loss are caused by genetics.

“Washing your hair with hot water will make you lose hair faster.”

No!  Genetics is what determines most hair loss cases.  If you have a family member who is bald then there is a big chance that you may become bald.

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