Grow that Hair

Surefire tips to get those tresses growing.

  1. Get enough sleep — 7 to 9 hours a day, at least, will help prevent hair loss.
  2. Eat right and get some exercise.
  3. Cut back on smoking.
  4. Refrain from drinking caffeine-rich drinks and carbonated sodas.
  5. Avoid food high in fat or sugar content.
  6. Handle your hair with care. Brush and comb gently.
  7. Avoid subjecting your hair to too much heat. Limit your usage of hair tools such as blow-dryers, crimpers and other heat-generating tools, so as not to cause unnecessary stress. Refrain from washing your hair with hot water.
  8. Eat healthy. Veer away from sugar and fat-loaded food.
  9. Load up on essential vitamins and minerals. Defficiency in certain nutrients weaken the hair.
  10. To stimulate hair follicles, go for a scalp massage from time to time.
  11. Protect your hair shaft with hot oil treatments.