Does it hurt?


There is minimal discomfort. In fact, the patient is awake, listening to music, or watching television while most of the procedure is performed.

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What If I continue to lose hair?


You will never lose the grafted hair which is why it is important to plan correctly and design the restoration in a way that looks natural. If you do have continued hair thinning, additional hair transplantation procedures may be performed to make up for the loss.

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Are consultations with the physician complimentary?


Yes. Not only are consultations with the doctor who will perform the surgery complimentary, they are also discreet, confidential, and non-obligatory. During this meeting, he will explain the procedure to you and design a hairline and treatment plan for your individual needs.

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How is hair transplantation priced?


The cost is significantly less than accumulated costs from maintaining hairpieces using hair lotions, etc. An individualized fee schedule is provided per case.

How is hair transplantation priced?2023-02-14T02:48:08+00:00
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