Why do you lose hair?


If you think you’re safe from hair loss by virtue of being in your 20s, think again. Genetics and hormones, and not age, dictate your hair’s health and life span. Over 25% of men in their 20s suffer from male pattern baldness, with the number increasing to 50% for men in their 40s. Thinning [...]

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What is hair restoration surgery?


Hair restoration surgery encompasses several techniques to treat baldness or thinning hair with your own permanent, natural hair. These techniques include hair transplantation, scalp reduction, and skin flap relocation.

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What is hair transplantation?


Hair Transplantation, the most commonly used technique to treat thinning hair, is the process of redistributing hair--filling bald areas. Once the procedure is complete, your hair will grow naturally throughout your life with no additional maintenance required beyond combing and cutting.

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Why is modern transplantation is better?


The result of this technique is natural, permanent, and nearly imperceptible from what nature could give. There are no ongoing costs of maintenance programs required with hairpiece replacements or weaves. Modern techniques allow patients to achieve a full head of hair in one to two sessions.

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Can everyone expect the same result?


No. The thickness, texture, and color of your hair, as well as the amount of donor hair you have are factors which will determine the final result. During your initial consultation, the physician will discuss all these variables with you.

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In what areas can hair restoration surgery be performed?


Hair restoration surgery may be performed on the frontal hairline, the top of the head or crown, and back of the head or bald spot. In addition, scars from previous injuries or surgeries can also be transplanted with hair.

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What happens during the procedure?


Hair is removed from a narrow strip known as the donor area; this area is closed with sutures. The harvested strip is divided into 1 to 4 hairs and then place into tiny holes and slits.

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