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As the premier provider of hair loss solutions in the Philippines, Pineda Hair Transplant Clinic offers hair transplant procedures to ensure patients attain successful, safe, and effective hair restoration.


Pineda Hair Transplant Clinic is the trusted name in hair restoration and hair transplant procedures in the Philippines.

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Pineda Hair Transplant Clinic delivers the most aesthetically pleasing yet cost-effective hair restoration results for both its local and international clients.

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What Our Patients Say

A terrible accident made me lose my hair and eyebrows. I wanted to hide from the rest of the world. Dr. Pineda saved me. I have hair again on my head and my face. His procedure is really different. I feel at ease with him because the service is personalized. If anyone is thinking of hair transplant, I will suggest they see Dr. Pineda first.

Ramon, Businessman

I had my first hair transplant done in London. It was a very expensive procedure so my limited budget only allowed for half of the required work. I didn’t really get the result I wanted. Then a friend referred Dr. Pineda from the Philippines. I visited him and I was so happy when he told me that he could maximize my budget and give me the results I wanted.

M.K., London

I believe that traveling is good for the soul. In one of my many travels, I encountered an old friend from college. I remembered him as a young guy who was balding early. To my surprise, he had a full head of hair. He told me about the procedure he went through with Dr. Pineda. I was so impressed with the results that I asked for Dr. Pineda’s contact number and immediately made an appointment. I got the result I’ve always wanted and it has worked wonders in my personal life.

H.A., Saudi Arabia

When I started losing my hair early, my world started to crumble. But I swore never to wear a wig or have those ugly transplants. Dr. Pineda’s procedure is different. I never thought you could use your own hair to grow new ones. It’s amazing. I have a full head of my own hair

Chris, Call Center Agent

Our Services

When you decide to have a hair transplant, Dr. Pineda’s practice is limited purely to hair transplants, guaranteeing you the most up-to-date procedure. Dr. Pineda performs this procedure on his patients with the utmost care, professionalism, and expertise, making the clinic the leading hair loss solution in the Philippines.

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No linear scars with minimal discomfort.

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More cost-effective than FUE with no shaving necessary.

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Doctor Pineda and his staff go the extra mile to ensure that every patient is as comfortable as possible. Here is a glimpse of life at the clinic.

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Hair Myths

We’ve clarified the most common misconceptions about how your daily routines affect your hair and its behavior. Get informed now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about the hair transplant & surgical procedures? We answer your most common questions so you know what to expect.

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Experiencing hair loss? Doctor Pineda and his team are here to help. Send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You may also reach us at (632) 8813-0691.